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Application Development

•Comprehensive integrated web portals capable of handling millions of users on any technology such as Cython, Python, HTTP API, WEB App using Google Cloud (GCP), Amazon web services (AWS) on different OS like Windows or Linux.

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence

•Experience using Artificial Intelligence systems like IBM Watson along with setting up of open

     distributed Ledger technology.


•Converted Terabytes of unstructured/hand-written PDFs and documents into machine readable digital format using Computer Vision (CV) and Neural Networks.

Database Management

•Expertise in various data storage technologies like Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL etc. along with the latest cutting-edge technology like Big Data, NoSQL, MongoDB, etc.

Financial Modeling,  Valuation & Investment  Analytics

•Our team has the capability of building dynamically driven models with complete analysis and

valuation for an array of financial instruments and risk assessment.

•Provide insights into financial performance, improve business forecasting and assess strategic  priorities to enable better decision-making capabilities.

Big Data Analytics and  Reporting

•Experienced team for Big Data analytics, Advanced Statistical computations using "R" & Python  along with Bespoke dynamic reporting. Migrating VBA to office 365 through content switch

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