Web based model development of trading and risk management models

Development of Financial Analytical Models

Interactive true loan level analysis

Integrates proprietary models


Accounting and balance sheet management analysis for various industries

Back office and organizational support

FinTECH is an end to end technology provider with specific expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Dedicated to


Financial Services



Deal modeling experience and ongoing project on about 100 deals from European market as well as US market in RMBS ( Non conforming as well as MBS), CMBS ( Conduit loans and large loans) and CDOs ( consumer loans, CLO-Sme, CLO-leverage loans etc.) from top investment giant.


Deal modeling and securitization support services on structured finance like RMBS, CMBS, CDO, and ABS.


Supporting services Detail underwriting, Loan origination and loan sizing
Lease Abstract, CMBS pricing support and publication support on ABS

 Technical Support: Intex, dealmaker, Data base Management (SQL, Oracle etc.), Excel modeling with VBA.
Technical solution as well as detailed cash flow analysis, credit review, rating methodology, CMBS pricing, Bloomberg API.


We provide fixed income research and analytics solutions to our clients to assist in their strategic decision-making.
Our professionals have established benchmarks and best practices in providing solutions and services across most of the fixed income space.


  • High Yield and Leverage loans

  • TALF/TARP/PPIP and other legacy asset programs.

  • Asset Valuation and Underwriting.

  • Risk Analysis on Derivative Products